Our first foray into modular design and content

Create Once. Publish everywhere. That’s the goal for anyone creating massive amounts of content. While you’re at it, how about doing it faster and with fewer people through automation? We’re not there yet, but we did dive headfirst into modular design and content with our redesign of the myAT&T Overview. It along with the redesign of our header and footer navigation across our consumer digital properties represents a change in overall design and navigation strategy.

Customer centric

As with most app dashboards, we present the most popular tasks to customers immediately upon login. Feedback from multiple usability studies as well as customer verbatims from the live site emphasize viewing data use and paying a bill as the reason most log in. The cards are designed around the knowledge that customers want quick information and will interact with the cards or scroll for more details.


We’re also undertaking a significant CMS migration, moving much of our myAT&T self-service experience from TeamSite to Adobe Experience Manager. One of our priorities with the move is to create an experience that is usable no matter what size viewport the customer accesses it from. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, or other large-screen device, a tablet, or smartphone, the experience responds to your chosen device, whether your input is your fingertip or a mouse and keyboard.