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April 2, 2023
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I don't know why

But I've decided that it was time that I worked through my thoughts publicly, because what's the fun in keeping your crazy to yourself? Amiright?

I actually do know why, or at least what acted as the thumbtack on my seat reminding me to do more writing just for myself in addition to what I write at work - which is voluminous.

The brilliant content and experience strategist, Jonathon Colman shared this post and the following quote really resonated with me:

“Writing is the process by which you realize that you do not understand what you are talking about. Importantly, writing is also the process by which you figure it out.”

The hardest thing for me here will be to keep a singular focus, because I'm interested in so many things and when it comes to tech, or academics, or athletics, or video games, or craft beer, or being a better person/dad/father, or being more of an ally and activist, or even my day job as a CX, Digital, and Content Strategy leader -- my self-diagnosed OCD obsesses over something shiny and new very quickly. Foreshadowing, there will be a few (probably many) posts about EVs and electrification, my new favorite thing.

Be prepared for lots of car talk focused on EVs, volleyball talk because I'm a #volleyball dad, tech talk about any number of topics including live-streaming youth sports (volleyball and baseball for now) and the constant upgrading of equipment rabbit hole I've descended, leadership and connecting with your team and others, running and apparel, basketball, and who knows what else.

It also appears you should be prepared for lots of Pixar gifs because they visualize the thoughts in my head so well, so frequently.

In closing, I'm doing this mostly for me. It's a selfish effort, but I hope some of my crazy helps others, either by leading you to avoid my mistakes, take joy in and discuss some of the things I get excited about and obsess over, connect with some of the people, ideas, companies, products, and apps that are part of my day-to-day, and whatever else spills out of my brain into this digital space.

- Cory


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