Change is about embracing opportunities
The majority of the awards I've received are the result of adapting to change and embracing the opportunities it presents. They were also made possible by the leaders who backed me and the teams that I worked alongside. The following are my most recent awards. You can see the full list from the last decade in my resume.

April 2023

Connection Award
2023 Q1 CX POV, Brand Connection, Architecture Synchronization

"Cory was instrumental in the collaboration to establish the 2023 CX POV, Brand Connection White Paper and CX Strategy/Architecture synchronization. Cory’s thought leadership and ability to scale the content strategy, information architecture and design systems contributed the following:

  • CX Strategy & Architecture Synchronization
  • CX System/Foundation leadership and guidance
  • CX Site - buildout of the Content Strategy node and E2E Content Strategy pages/deliverables
  • CX-Brand Connection White Paper
  • 2023 CX POV"

September 2022

Connection Award
Multi-tenant White Paper - Influence on the Architecture and Design Build

"Cory Bennett has been the conductor behind the adoption of using adaptive content across the working disciplines. Recognizing there was more work to be done this area, he boldly took it to the next level and began partnering with the architecture team to outline the CX architecture and experience opportunities which would contribute to building a more resilient and scalable platform. To support his argument on the need Cory pursued the research and ultimately a publication of a whitepaper which would eventually become the guide for the on-going discussions. In this paper Cory artfully called out the following: 1) gaps in the current approach (which was missing the overall CX) 2) the hurdles to scale/speed to be at market parity 3) options to unify the customer experience (offering consistency, seamless engagement and support), 4) areas for monetization. This advanced thinking has led to ongoing discussions with the architecture and business teams resulting in upfront planning and influence on the build and system designs for more effective investment."

August 2022

Bar Raiser Award
eSIM Thought Leadership

"I would like to recognize Cory for his curiosity, diligence and speed in coming up with an eSIM content strategy and experience in an accelerated timeline. These efforts contributed to our ability to support ordering of selected pilot devices (various iPhone 14 models)."

July 2022

Bar Raiser Award
eSIM White paper collaboration

"Recognizing Cory and the CX leadership team for their spirit, collaboration and curiosity on the eSim white paper. The thought leadership and insights in the white paper helped to communicate the disruption and opportunities for AT&T among a cross functional business and operations team."

July 2021

Connection Award
Establishing CX Monitoring and Measurement

"I would like to recognize Cory Bennett for his diplomacy, oversight, and thought leadership in establishing the foundation for CX Monitoring and Measurement. Starting with a blank slate, he outlined a purpose, process, and a full operating model for monitoring customer advancements and opportunities. Foundational to being customer led, this model has powered the CX team in their endeavor for an evergreen process (iterative CX advancement through tracking and measurement)."

May 2021

Transform Award
Content Toolkit and Content Series Leadership

"I would like to nominate Cory Bennett for his thought leadership, orchestration and roll out of the Content Strategy Toolkit and Content Series.   Content Toolkits and Content Series were created to:

  • Enable the design org and influence Digital
  • Influence Design and Product Roadmaps
  • Creation of tools and templates to build awareness and application of a content strategy across experiences
  • All rebuild efforts are utilizing the toolkit to advance the design strategy and CX
  • Dynamic frameworks were created to accommodate the new demand and digital advancements
  • Offering the tools to enable the movement from tactical to strategic thinking."

May 2017

AT&T Summit Award
Personalization Summit Thought Leadership